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We live in a dynamic world, where a constant stream of breaking technological inventions reshapes our reality. Cloud computing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and the internet of things have already become an inseparable part of our lives. We believe not only in mastering these technologies but also in applying them in new and innovative ways to bring you real value.

We are a team of experienced architects, developers, designers and researchers who strive to create globally unique solutions.

Our passion

We experiment and research, create architectural blueprints and technical design, and solve problems. We combine cutting-edge technologies, knowledge of business and an intuitive user experience. We live for technology.


We listen, ask questions, learn your business, speak openly, identify possible challenges, bring solutions and feel responsible for what we deliver. We are partners.

Your value

We provide better insight into your business thanks to real-time IoT monitoring, product visualization through advanced 3D technologies or implementation of expert AI.


One size does not fit all. Mongata combines multiple services and solves your specific needs.

Product development

We invent and implement solutions related to different business domains such as psychology, industry or logistics.


We will help you solve your challenges using the latest technology. We will research, experiment and find an optimal solution that includes areas such as AI, 3D, AR or IoT.

Custom development

We implement custom high-tech solutions. We cover the entire application lifecycle from project inception, architecture and design to delivery and support. We can do it standalone or blend with your team.


We create architectural blueprints for your cloud-first applications, IoT solutions, AI services or industrial visualization. Every area is consulted by a specialist, so that you receive real value.

User experience

We design ergonomic, responsive and innovative user interfaces, which work on large screens, laptops and mobile devices. Modern visual design is a matter of course.


If you are not confident in the constantly changing technological landscape or just need to elevate the knowledge of your team, we can help you organize specialized trainings, workshops or hackathons.

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We are proud of our work. Get inspired by our project.
The bridge between psychology and artificial intelligence

The online psychological platform Talk2amy helps companies, professionals and individuals to discover the human personality and develop it further using state-of-the-art technology.

Amy brings together the latest knowledge in psychology with artificial intelligence and advanced mathematics. Together these combine to make a platform for personality psychology calculations. Thanks to the use of deep-learning techniques and cloud computing capabilities, Amy provides personality assessments and can predict emotional responses to specific situations. Amy is friendly, neutral, respects privacy and provides real-time results without waiting.

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